Annual General Meeting 2021


Dear Colleagues at the PPCO:

Finally, we have scheduled our Annual General Meeting and a very low key

celebration of our 20th anniversary. Please attend.

Date: Saturday, Dec. 4, 2021 - 1:00 PM

Place: Filipino Centre Toronto - 4395 Sheppard Avenue East


Scarborough, Ontario

Lunch will be served. Please contribute $20 towards lunch.

Our program will be brief:

  1. Reception /entrance
  2. Welcome/Opening
  3. National anthems
  4. A Review of PPCO History
  5. PPCO at the Time of Pandemic - a brief report
  6. A couple of songs
  7. Lunch
  8. Closing Remarks

Thank you's and Goodbye's

Notes: We follow existing protocols on the pandemic. We expect 20-30 in

attendance due to the constraints of Covid-19.

The current Board shall stay in their posts; we shall schedule an

Election at another date.

We hope to celebrate a bigger event as soon as this pandemic subsides.

We will resume our journalism seminars/presentation at an opportune time.

Please keep in touch.

RSVP for Dec. 4, 2021:

Rose Tijam 647-400-9738; Noel Perada 647-401-9884

Fred Yuson 416-805-4712; Ariel Ramos 647-529-3141

Best regards,

Rose Tijam, President

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