By Fred Yuson, VP – Philippine Press Club Ontario
Scarborough, Ontario, Canada, April 22, 2023

Driving along highway 401 today, the busiest highway in North America, is tricky due to reduced visibility from spring rain and fog but glad to arrive on time for an important meeting.

Inside the Filipino Centre Toronto (FCT) building in Scarborough, Ontario, a modest room was reserved for PPCO’s Annual general membership meeting, as well as, Election of Officers and Board of Directors for years 2023 to 2025.

The room was warm with friends excited to see each other, even hugging, after a long hiatus due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Coffee was brewed, and we had water, food and snacks. The atmosphere was casual and friendly but when the election started, the conversations turned serious and candid but not without some funny jokes in between.

Ms. Rose Tijam, PPCO President, started the event by narrating what was done during her term of office. She admitted that there was a pause of major PPCO activities during the Covid-19 pandemic and insisted that the election be held today despite suggestions to reschedule as some could not attend. The last election of PPCO was held in 2019.

“IF NOT TODAY, WHEN ? ” – a battle cry that she repeated during the meeting.

The Comelec members who are distinguished in their fields are composed of the following:

  • Mr. Steve Pagao, practicing Accountant
  • Mr. Larry Bercasio, in Real Estate, and
  • Mr. Willy Reodica, also in the Real Estate industry
The newly elected Officers and Board of Directors for 2023-2025 are as follows:

President: Ms. Rose Tijam
Vice-President: Mr. Fred Yuson, CPA, CMA
Treasurer: Mr. Noel Perada
Secretary: Mr. Joe Damasco
PRO: Ms. Judith Gonzales
Directors: Mr. Carlos Unas
Mr. Jose Joey Baking
Mr. Ariel Ramos, and
Mr. Rodel Ramos

The newly elected, 5 of them are founders of PPCO, took an oath of office before the Comelec. It was agreed that the fifth Director would be appointed in the next meeting.

About PPCO

The Philippine Press Club of Ontario (PPCO), established in 2001, is the pioneering and premier organization of about 60 community media practitioners – editors/publishers; writers; radio and TV producers and broadcasters; photographers, bloggers, and support media workers – in the Filipino-Canadian community.

Our mandate is to advance press freedom, and ethical and professional journalism; unite our media practitioners, promote goodwill and harmonious relationship among ourselves and the community, and help strengthen the social fabric that benefits the Filipino-Canadian community.

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