By Fred Yuson, VP – Philippine Press Club Ontario

Markham, Ontario, Canada. October 1, 2022

Today, the Philippine Chamber of Commerce Toronto or PCCT held its Board of Directors election for years 2023-2024 inside the well-equipped boardroom office of Qualified Financial Services Inc. in Markham, Ontario.

The Comelec team is composed of:

  • Fred Yuson, CPA/CMA (also the VP of the Philippine Press Club Ontario or PPCO)
  • Al Tupe, Philippine CPA & practicing Accountant
  • Tony San Juan, a retired teacher, community leader, & writer.

After more than three hours of documents verifications and numbers crunching, the winning candidates are as follows:

Votes Name(s) Number
82 Canton Nestor (Von) 1
82 Santos Christine 2
81 Pagao Steve 3
80 Coutts Corie 4
79 Beloso Philip 5
79 Dela Cruz Cora 6
78 Clarete Robeco 7
76 Mirasol Gizele 8
75 Baricuatro Julian 9
75 Cana Lilac 10
75 Garcia Bernard 11
74 Villafuerte Kim 12
72 Crasco Beethoven 13
57 Macandog Rainier 14
42 Uy Jennifer 15

Topping the list at 82 points each are Nestor Canton (Von) – an entrepreneur & TV/Radio Broadcaster, and Christine Santos, also an entrepreneur, news correspondent of ABS-CBN/TFC News, & Producer of Children’s TV Shows.

Highly regarded by his peers, current PCCT President Steve Pagao was also elected today.

He disclosed that the “15 elected Board of Directors will select amongst themselves on who will be the next Executive Officers of the organization on October 28.” However, under its Constitution, Mr. Pagao is forbidden to run as President again this time.

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